Sunday, October 12, 2008

Response from the Guessing Game

I got a total of 14 people (I thought it will be more in the first place, Hmmmmm...) who left me the comment on the guessing game up to date. From the response, you can see that, out of 14 people, 9 people are actually guessing on novels. It seems like my readers know me well. I always bought a lot of books, either from Popular bookstore or even online.

Below are the 14 responses.

akira - novel
sockpeng - wii (I like this answer!!!)
sharon - books
anne - giddens novel
suzane - chinese novel
mei wah - chinese novel
john - 秀茵 signature novel
hoon - idol concert (which idol? what concert? concert ticket? cd? dvd? novel?)
kikey - aaron kwok album (what is aaron kwok album? photo album? latest album?)
meiyi - chinese novels/manga
christy - novel
k3vin - novel
董百勤 - novel
smile - clothes (at least your answer is special if compare to others!!)

If you miss the previous post, you still have the chance to guess it since I forgot to take the photos of the things inside the parcel. I only can announce the earliest on this coming Thursday. For those who want to change the answer, you can do so. The latest answer will take into effect.

How many gifts I will give out? It depends. Maybe I will just give to all those who have left me the comment, whether the answer is correct or not. Hahaha :)

So, what is inside the parcel???


Akira 思胜 said...

Go for novel! Haha...

董百勤 said...

Novel novel novel!!!!

LZ said...

Aiks, i missed the first chance to guess.

I think it's a bag. =) Sling bag.

Chobits said...

Hmm..i also think is novel but since so many people guess novel, i might as well think other thing, it's...books actually is the same la wahahaha~

Kacang Puteh said...

Me too!I follow everybody go for novel punlah!hahaaa...

wenyileong said...


because last time u say u brought 守护神‘s novel in the net..