Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanks Everyone + Answer for the Parcel

Yesterday was not a good day for me. But today, it is! :)

I got a lot of wishes from my friends since last night. I would like to take this chance to thank each and everyone of you who has wished me.

To Kikey (sorry for cannot talk for a longer time with you), Suzane (I slept and never pick up her call), Boon Huat (call to wish me although in hospital) and my cousin Effie for calling me. Thank You.

To Criz, Steven, Taugeh, Jiin Ling, Suzane, Sui Pong, Woon Tyng, Chor, Boon, Ivy, Sherene, Khim Hin who SMS me. Thank You.

To Arabai, Kopi Soh, Hoon, TSP, Ang Ku, Thien, Suzane (Wah, you wish me in so many places.... Friendster got ka? Kekeke), Laksa, Kacang, Jepun Lau Ee, Ru Yi, Gin Keat, Yee Lee, Harpal, Boone, Sharon, Nicholas, Beh Kim, Zidane, Ming Chiat, Victor, Jiin Ling, Mei Wah, Alfred, Mei Yi who wished me in Facebook. Arabai, Kopi Soh and Hoon even throw a virtual party for me in Facebook. Thanks so much!

To my dearest sisters and brother who email me. Thank You.

Not forgetting to thank my 2nd, 4th and 5th aunt who wished me through SMS as well.

Last but not least, to my blog readers who left me the birthday wish in my comment: Akira, Kikey, Sharon, Kacang, HNKP and Hoon. Thank You.

Phew.... finally done. Do I missed out anyone? I hope not. Hehehehe. There are too many especially in Facebook. Surprise for me. I never check Friendster. If you left a wish there, thank you.

Here comes the present part. I got a pen with my name on top from Kikey. She bought it in Seattle and send it together with the SOFA gifts. Thanks Kikey!!! Muacks!

My brother gave me cash as my birthday present. Thank you so much. I hope you have enough money to spend over there. :D

My friends: Boon, Chor and Beng Chong who celebrated my birthday 2 weeks earlier. They bought me a cake. I didn't post the photo since got the candle on top of it. Hahaha. Thanks.

To my boss, who asked the team to buy me a cake and celebrate during the staff meeting just now. I was surprise with that. Thanks boss!!!

To Jiin Ling who treat me the dinner. Thanks so much!

OK, what I get for myself? I got myself a cake! Hahaha.

Besides, I got the novels from 秀茵 and 友彬.

Year 55.

Back of the book.


Little Paradise.

Back of the book.


I'm the first one to buy the book! Amazing!!

Birthday wish from 秀茵. So happy!!!

Finally, the things inside the parcel.

It's the DVD: 4 DVD of Aaron Kwok's 2007/2008 Concert. I have pre-ordered before it was release. I thought I will get in during my birthday week, but it reached me 9 days before my birthday!!! Surprise to get it so early and very happy about it. The concert was just fantastic!!! AARON ROCKS!!!

No one get the answer correctly. Only Kikey and Hoon have the nearest answer, but they never mention DVD. Too bad.

All of you have made my 2008 Birthday a memorable one! Thanks so much! MUACKS!!


董百勤 said...

happy related birthday


Dragon said...

haha, should be happy belated birthday la! anyway, thanks.

sock peng said...

happy related birthday

Somewhere in Singapore said...

oh u also in Friendster? Can add me,

Akira 思胜 said...

Woohoohoo, the answer is Aaron DVD? Wow, how much you got that?

JL said...

You are welcome, although it was a simple dinner but we are waiting for our big boss to treat us big meal, :P

Anne said...

ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur birthday~~
...........HAPPY BELaTED BIRTHDAY!!! (late come to wishing)

woh~~~! so fast to get the latest novel?? mine hvnt reach.......>.<"

Mei-Wah said...

happy birthday!
sorry for my late birthday wish, as i am in bkk~

Forever28 said...

I might not able to give you such exciting birthday gift, but I can give you a sincere wish: Happy Birthday~!

Tau Sar Phneah said...

so i guessed you must have a fantastic and memorable as so many many many of us wishes you in diff places..hope that you like the virtual party organised and all the foodie we bring along...

once again, many happy returns of the day :) :)

K3ViN said...

Happy Belated Bird day haha..... wah kinda surprise tat was DVD.... how much it cost?

邓秀茵 said...


Constance said...

wah this one is longer than Grammy speech