Sunday, October 19, 2008

100M Student

I have no idea whether any of you are watching this Taiwan game show or not. 100M Student is like this: The contestant needs to answer the primary school questions according to the different subjects and level. There are 3 help lines for them to use, if they have no idea on the answer for the question. It is almost the same as the game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. 100M Student was hosted by Zhang Xiao Yan, the lady who is the co host for Happy Sunday with Harlem Yu last time.

I watched the first episode. I cannot stand the stupidity of some contestant. Since it was the first episode, the contestant are those who is famous like artist, actor, singer or even sportsmen.

There is one simple Maths question which the sportsmen cannot answer. By the way, He was the famous sportsmen in Taiwan. The question go like this:

There is a sausage 50cm in length. A man eats 220mm and the remaining, cut into 7 pieces. How many cm is one piece of the sausage?

That sportsmen answer 7.1cm. I almost fainted. Is it sportsmen only good at sport and totally failed in simple maths?

You know the answer?


Akira 思胜 said...

4cm lar... hahaha... 220mm is equals to 22cm... Maybe he is nervous gua...

Dragon said...

see, so simple! he at first answered 71cm! after the host told him, the original only 50cm, after eating, can become longer, only he said 7.1cm! FAINT!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! it's so... funny

K3ViN said...

ohh my math.... tat the mostly scary subject 4 me...... i also dont know the answer