Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Hosting Plan Will You Choose?

Before choosing any web hosting plan, you need to make sure what you actually need. For my case, my sister is the one who did most of the research. She even helped me to register for the hosting plan and pay for the first month fee. I really need to thank her. If not because of her, I will not have my very first site on my own domain.

During that time, I was still very new to the web hosting world. Since then, I started to search from the Internet and get to know more on the web hosting from the web hosting blog. There are many web hosting services out there with different features and capabilities.

From my experience, it will be better to get a hosting with a great customer support. We have no idea when we will need them. It's the best if they can support us for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Try to find one with the live chat support as well. This will definitely make your life easier.

Besides the customer support, you need to check out the bandwidth that your hosting plan provided. If your website is full of downloading material, you need to get a larger bandwidth hosting plan. If not, once your bandwidth is over the limit, your whole site will be down. I faced this issue previously and it really gave me headache to deal with it.

Another important factor in choosing a web hosting will be the easy usage of the cpanel. Some web hosting site will let you try out the cpanel in a demo mode. In addition, most of the web hosting provides the unlimited domain hosting. Just to be safe, please check the features properly before you sign up any of them


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