Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to Write in English

After so many months of Chinese post, I think I need to write some post in English again. I have my reason, of course. When you want to do something, there will always be a reason behind.

I think my readers and some of my close friends knew, I am doing paid post. It has been a long time I never do any in this blog because the PR is dropping and I never get any offer since then. However, my PR is back to 3 recently. I have no idea why. Google has its own system and it is hard to understand.

Anyway, since my PR back to 3, I received quite a lot of offer few weeks back. I have ignored many of them and yet, they are keep sending me to job. By just write in English and I can earn extra, why not? That is the main reason.

Besides English post, I think I will still write in Chinese, depends on my mood. Haha. Please expect a more frequent update from this point onwards. :)