Friday, July 9, 2010

Windows Box

I always dream to have my own house when I was a kid. I don't have a house back then, it is not belongs to my parents as well, it is a rented house. Until 2-3 years back, I manage to own a condo, with my sister's help. In the condo, there is a small balcony, that can let me plant some plants and flowers. But, due to my laziness, I never take any action until now. I do wish to have it in future.

Still, it will be best to own a landed property with a garden attached. At that time, I can buy the window boxes and decorate it beautifully with all kind of flowers. I think I will need some expert to help me on selecting the window flower boxes since there are so many designs. It will be hard for me to do it alone.

The best candidate will be my mum. She will be the one to help taking care all the plants and flowers from time to time. It will be better to get the garden window boxes that she likes since she will deal with them all the time, don't you think so?