Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Kid can do it, why not an Adult?

If you are living in a condo that need to use a lift, I think you will face the same problem like I do. Sometimes, when you are already inside the lift, you saw someone is walking towards, for me, I will just hold the lift and let the people coming in, and not just close the door immediately. However, some people don't really care about others. They will just close the lift and let you wait for another one.

Just now, when I am back to my condo, the lift came at the same time. A few people is walking out and the last one to coming out is a kid. I think he is still in primary school. He hold the lift door, waited for me to go inside before he let go of his hand from the lift door. Of course, I say thank you to him.

You see, a kid knows what to do in such situation, why not an adult? A kid can even say thank you to you, if you help them out, but why a thank you is so hard to come out from an adult mouth? Is it really that hard? I doubt it!

Adult suppose to have more knowledge than a kid, but sometimes, their attitude is worse than a kid.