Monday, July 5, 2010

I have totally forgotten how I bumped into I think I Google on DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke and found it.

YES, my Eason Chan finally release his DUO Concert DVD!!! I have been waiting for the DVD since I watched the DUO Concert in Hong Kong during March. Normally, I will go to for the purchase. Luckily, I found this time.

From, I managed to Pre-Order the DVD at a lower price. However, after few days I paid for the order, the price for the DVD drop $3. I emailed the customer support and told them about this concern. They are good enough to refund me the $3. In between, I also emailed them and asked about the product related information. They response to all my questions within one business day.

There are 2 covers for the DVD release. However, both Play-Asia and Yesasia will randomly send. You cannot choose which cover you want. For me, I prefer the one without Eason's face. That cover has more feel, do you think so? But 2 of my friends prefer the one with Eason's face. Actually, both also nice!

And guess what? I just got their email, saying that my order has been shipped! :) Yipeee.... Now I only need to wait for my the package to reach me. I wish I can get it now. Hehe.