Sunday, July 18, 2010

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I got my Eason's DVD on last Tuesday. The DVD was shipped out on 5 July, Monday. From the website, it stated it will needs 5-10 working days for the shipping. I got it exactly on the 5th day of working day, which is on the 13 July. I was happy and surprise that it reached me so fast!

This is the photo I took in a hurry. I am rushing out on that day when I got the package. It is unpack at that moment. YES, I got the DVD with the cover I like!!! There are 2 covers, by the way.

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I have watched it during the off days and I only have one word on it, FANTASTIC! The opening was still very shocking to me, especially when the things were moving with the sound. Oh man.... what a great concert!!!

I was talking to my friend on it the other day and he is so excited about it since one of his friend also inform him on how good is the Eason's DUO concert. He immediately asked me where to get it. I give him the url, and guess what, he ordered it on the spot! Wow, not bad......

If you want to order, try to order it from Play-Asia. You can get it for a better price and the best part is FREE SHIPPING to Malaysia and Singapore! If you are in US, you will need to pay for the shipping. I am not sure about other countries, you can check it out from the product page, just under the photo of that product.

I will try to take more photos on the DVD and what are inside the package, and post them here.