Saturday, May 29, 2010


During school time, my most favorite subject will be Mathematics. I love Maths, I like to do those Maths exercise. For Maths, you need to memorize the formula for each of the solution. If you cannot remember, then you cannot proceed to solve the equation. Luckily, I am good at that.

When I stepped into Form 6, we have Statistic. Statistic is very straight forward. I like it and I remember, on the first semester, I got a 100 marks for Maths. I never think of that. Whenever I have a Statistics problems, I will need to ask my friends about it. If they are not free, then you will need to wait. If there is an online tutoring at that time, you can just log in and get the Statistics answers for your questions easily, 24x7.

TutorVista is the online tutoring that I am talking about. With a cheap fees, you can register for a different package for different subjects. If you are the first time user, you can try the demo version and get the free Statistics help from the system. It is easy and available all day long.