Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sabah Trip (IX) - KK City Mosque & Yayasan Sabah

Want to see the dinner that I have for the second day? Point your mouse over Sabah: Fatt Kee Coffee Shop and click on it. :)


I rented a car on the 3rd day. It has been a long time I never drive in KK. Last time, I rode motorcycle to go to the University for my class. KK has changed a little bit, I was not able to recognize some of the road.

I got the car at 7.30am. The car rental company sent the car to where I stayed. The car I rented is a new Viva auto.

After everything is ready, we departed around 8am. Our destination is Tuaran. On the way, we will pass by KK City Mosque, Yayasan Sabah, UMS, and 1 Borneo.

This KK City Mosque is the one I took.

Below 3 photos are taken from Malaysia Hotel Review. Nicely taken.

Yayasan Sabah from far away.

Yayasan Sabah after the zoom in.

Seaside. Nice photo, right?

We reached Yayasan Sabah around 8.30am. We stopped by the roadside and start to take photos.

Yayasan Sabah together with ME!!!

I purposely use the feature in my camera to make the sky looked so blue. Is it nice?

We went nearer to have a closer view.

Of course, I will not forget about sky photos!

Coming Up Next: Tuaran Pagoda


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice photo of Yayasan Sabah, the architechure of the building is awesome...

SockPeng said...

nice weather for ur trip!! have 蓝天白云。。。。。
especially Yayasan Sabah

u did any editting on this photo?

Keith said...

Dragon, wonderful pictures. I am glad to read this blog today. Will be back

Tau Sar Phneah said...

i thought the mosque pic was taken by you...was gonna said it was perfectly shot..same as in postcard..mana tau you mentioned it's from website..hehe..

Anonymous said...

the seaside is tempting me..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The picture u took are all very nice...

"秋"天的"诗" said...


Kikey Loo said...

i like architecture of Yayasan Sabah building!

Forever HL said...

wow...u are very good in taking photo hor....very nice....^^



u use what kind of camera to snap d pics?

Anne said...

Yayasan Sabah...wats tat?
inside cannot visit de ma??

Nice picture~~^^

Piggy said...

Nice sky photos. And the seaside, nice also leh....

Constance Chan said...

wah i love the yayasan building.. very unique!

Joze Foo said...

the Yayasan Sabah building so cool ar.....

Dragon said...

akira, yes is awesome, got chance, must go.

sock peng, yes i just love the blue sky and white clouds. i didnt edit the photo. i am lazy for that. but i use different feature when i took the photos.

keith, thanks for dropping by. glad that u like them.

tsp, not taken by me la. i'm not that hor liao yet.

choy yin, the real beaches is coming soon. will temp u more.

sharon, thank you.

"秋"天的"诗", 你是说会教堂么?那三张不是我拍的。网上拿的。呵呵。

kikey, nice right?

forever hl, hehe, thanks thanks. still learning.

默, i'm using canon power shot S2. now obsolete. S5 in the market, black one.

anne, not sure leh, no time to go inside. i like your crayon sin chan icon!

piggy, nice right? hehehe. go one day to see by your own.

hoon, asked ah boy bring u there la.

joze, quite cool. hehe.

Mei-Wah said...

did u go to the Atmosphere in yayasan sabah? the view from there are magnificent!!! :)

Chobits said...

Wa, nice Yayasan and Mosque and sky pic, give u B plus la haha~ XD

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