Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IT Certification

Just after finishing my Form 6, I decided to go for the IT course in the University. I selected Computer Science for all the choices I have, of course, in different University. During that time, IT was a big hit. It seems like everyone is going for IT. I chose IT because I like computers. I thought it will be good if I go and study IT in the university. In the end, when the result came out, I didn't get the course I want. I got the course called System Management. It is still IT though.

After 3 years of studies, I finally graduated with an IT degree. I tried to look for an IT job but it was difficult to get one during that time. After 10 months of unemployment, I finally got an offer with an IT outsourcing company.

During the period I was unemployed, I went for the MCSE course. MCSE is an IT certification from Microsoft. There were too many papers to complete, all 7 of them for this certificate. Due to financial difficulties, I didn't manage to complete this course.

Currently, I am working as an IT Support Specialist. Fortunately, as part of company's retraining program, my colleagues and I have the chance to go for a Cisco certification course in CCNP program. It is one of the many available Cisco training course that is accepted globally all around the world. To be able to equip yourself in Cisco courses is a step to many openings in the IT field.

If you are interested in networking, Cisco certification is the one that you need to consider. With the certification, it will broaden your knowledge in networking. If you are looking for another job opportunity, it will be easier as well. Cisco certification for sure will help in your career path.

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Mei-Wah said...

IT ar? wah wah wah~ it's my weakness... everytime i saw codings, my mind will go blackout!


u consider lucky liao..

Dragon said...

mei wah, IT got so many, not only coding la. i also cannot do coding. hehehe.

默, means u want to go also cannot?