Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today I will stop writing on my Sabah Trip. I will write on something else. What is so important until I want to stop my Sabah Trip? Hehehe, I think most of you know by seeing the title of this post.

Previously, I said that all the food post will go to my food blog. Ya ya, I know and I still remember that. But today, I am going to have an exception over here. Who cares? As long as I want to post it. Both also my blog, I have the decision on where to post. Wakakakaka. A bit "chuin", right? I am just joking la ^.^ OK, back to the topic.

I saw so many posts related to 4321. First, I saw it in Sock Peng's blog. Sock Peng refer to Ohbin's blog. Ohbin is the one who started on this 4321 thingy. Last few days, I found out my friend Jiin Ling also tried that. Later, when browse through Sharon's blog, I read the same post as well. Hmmmmm, is it really so good until so many people want to try it? I have no idea. Since so many said it is good, I also want to try it myself.

Maybe some of you are still blur on what is the thing I am talking about. Let me tell you now.........It is the Pork Rib 4321!! I cooked it myself, of course, with the help from my mum. Hehe.

Let's start......

The ingredients include:
1 1/2 pork rib (according to Ohbin)
4 teaspoon of soya sauce
3 teaspoon of sugar
2 teaspoon of rice vinegar
1 teaspoon of gourmet cooking shao hsing hua tiao chiew

This is how the name 4321 comes from.

I asked my mum to buy the pork rib for me. I don't have the rice vinegar and gourmet cooking shao hsing hua tiao chiew. So I went Tesco to get it this morning.

Gourmet Cooking Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew.

Rice Vinegar.

These are the Soya Sauce, Rice Vinegar and Hua Tiao Chiew that I used.

Pork Rib.

Mix Sauce. I put them in a bowl first.

First, my mum helped me to boil the water and pour it over the pork rib, in order to take out the so call "blood water" (Need to use your hand to squeeze the pork rib). We always do that, if not, sometimes the pork will have smell.

Next, pour the mix sauce into the pan, without adding any oil or water.

Put all the pork rib into the pan and cook it. It needs time for the pork rib to be cooked. Please be patient.

It's almost done. You can see the mix sauce has become thicker.

Few minutes later, Tang Tang Tang Tang...... Pork Rib 4321 is done!!!

Nice looking?

I tested and it was a bit salty. I think I need to have less soya sauce next time. You can adjust the quantity of the sauce based on your personal reference. I don't like it to be too sweet so I just add in 2 1/2 teaspoon of sugar instead of 3. If you don't eat pork, you can try it with chicken. It will be the same.

Overall, they are yummy! Of course they are yummy for sure...... I'm the one who cook it wor....... Wakakaka :)

Go and try it. It is pretty simple. If I can do it, you can do it too!!

P/S Akira, no need to wait for your wife to learn it! I saw your comment from someone blog (I forgot who). You can cook it yourself!!! :)


Mei-Wah said...

OMG dragon you cooked it ar? OMGOMG!!! :) cant believe it!

Mei-Wah said...

OMGOMG i got the sofa. i'm so honored wtf~

SMiLE said...


SockPeng said...

akira leave that comment on my blog !!

haha, congratulation, u success liao !!

i think the 4321 is salty mainly u put less sugar.

even i put 3 spoon sugar, also feel salty !! so i think ur pork rib is veryvery salty.

u can cook it for me when i back Penang ? hehe

Dragon said...

mei wah, omg omg.... i can cook!!!! hahaha. ya, u got my sofa!!


sock peng, oh is u then!! yes, success liao. u also feel salty right? too salty for me. next time i will put less soya sauce. sure can cook for u if u back to pg next time. haha. :)

ejuly said...


Tau Sar Phneah said...

you can cook as welll...totally impressed... :-)

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, ok then! Will give this recipe to my mum and cook together!!!

JL said...

Walau I cannot imagine you also tried this out, simple and yummy right? Ohbin really getting very famous lately. You can show your's mum Ohbin website, she got a lot of recipes, which is very easy and simple and of course look yummy.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

So Dragon when i go Penang, got a chance to try your 4321? keke...

Kikey Loo said...

look yummy!!
when i go back Panang, you have to cook for me,ok? kehe.. :p

Forever28 said...

I was shocked when I saw the similar post in your other blog, haha~

十六夜真人 said...

so easily
i want to try cook it...

Forever HL said...

yummy....looks delicious har....and because....i love to eat pork ma....^^


Piggy said...

So nice so nice. Errr.....I want to try also next time but ar.....can borrow the ingredients 3 & 4 from you ar? :).......

名叫羊羽的路人 said...

black black....not nice looking....hahaha

Joze Foo said...

i still got one piece of chicken thigh maybe i can try it oso....... looks so easy like cooking maggi mee

Anne said...

hohoho~~ not bad wor~~
like to try next time~
4 spoon sugar
3 spoon soya sauce
2 spoon rice vineger
1 spoon of...XO

=P dun no wat taste leh~~~ hehe^^

Sue said...

I thought u know how to eat nia....hahaha....can cook also ah..wah hoe liao loe...but can makan or not..hehe

Dragon said...


tsp, a bor then?

akira, must cook ya!

jl, haha, saw u did it mar, i also want to try lo. ya, really easy to cook. i think next time fried them first before cook it. ohbin really famous liao.

sharon, u come that time tell me ya.

kikey, haha, see how lo.... wakakakaka, sure cook for u la.

forever28, adoi, why shock? like that all people can see mar. some of the people only go there and didnt come here mar.

十六夜真人, try liao put on your blog ya.

蕾蕾, u can try out this dish!

piggy, haha, item 3 and 4. how to lend leh?

名叫羊羽的路人, it's brown! not black! your eyes problem?

joze, yes la! like cooking maggi mee.

anne, haha, u try liao let me know ya.

sue, si lang bin, as if i only know how to eat. sure know how to cook la, see whether want or not nia. sure can eat la!