Monday, July 7, 2008

How Many Photos I Have Taken

First of all, I want to thank all my blog's readers for the participation. Thanks so much. I received a total of 27 entries. I hope next time it can hit over 50! Is it possible? I'm not sure but I hope for it. Hahaha. :)

Below are the 27 entries:

kikey - 600, 2760
headmaster - 1633
akira - 1118
mei wah - 1888
smile - 2008, 3817
mei yi - 2582
k3vin - 1114, 1411, 3000
tsp - 810
bearlim - 2329
sock peng - 799
anne - 1760
sharon - 1025
jl - 750
迷迭香 - 923
kemy - 668
joze - 888
hoon - 200
kacang - 1000
笨天使 - 900
jiajia - 300
shishi - 888
tunadolphi - 1200
piggy - 2500
fishyho - 400
chobits - 1227
limzhi - 2500
花罗汉 - 611 (late entry)

No one get the number correctly. I didn't expect anyone to get the exact number in the first place. If you can get the number so accurately, then you no need to come and join my contest, you can go to buy 4D instead! :D

How many photos I have taken during my Sabah Trip? Please see with your own eyes. Tang Tang Tang Tang.......

Yes, I have taken 1324 photos during my 7 days Sabah Trip!!! So who is the winner? Faster scroll up and check!!!

The winner is................... Oh my god, is her again!!!! Miss Chobits!! She sent in the entry 8 minutes before the closing time and her answer is the nearest to 1324! Congratulations!!!

K3vin, if you didn't change your answer, you are the winner already. Who asked you to change it? Too bad...... Try your luck again next time, OK?

Thanks once again for the participation. For those who didn't get it right, don't be sad. I will have another round of contest soon. Stay tune.

P/S I was sick after coming back from Sabah, that's why you didn't see any post since Friday. The Sabah post will start from tomorrow instead of Today. So sorry.


迷迭香 said...

oh i lost again...

迷迭香 said...

congratulations to chobits!! ^_^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

oh no, i also lost, gong xi gong xi to Chobits...

mei yi said...

tak boleh tahan u la......
u must start real contests d.. hehe :P

Akira 思胜 said...

Congratulations to Chobits ya!!! She is so lucky... hehe...

choyyin forever said... take quite a lot...waiting for your photo then!!

Chobits said...

Hurray!! Yeah~ XD
Thanks a lot!
I am lucky in your blog, haha~
I wanna see your photos ohh~ Faster post ya. ^^

SockPeng said...

哈哈。i lost liao
nevermind, i will try again on next contest, when is next contest??

Somewhere in Singapore said...

me also looking forward to next contest, when will it be? kekeke...

Dragon said...

迷迭香, there will be next time.

sharon, try again the next round. hehe.

mei yi, u become my sponsor? hahaha.

akira, yes la, she is so lucky la.

choy yin, yes, quite a lot.

chobits, congrats ya.

sock peng, i will let u know when i have it, ok?

Kikey said...

looking forward your trip photos!

p/s: hope you feel better now...

Dragon said...

sharon, i will let u know when i have it, ok? tell u the truth, i also dont know when to have it la.. haha.

kikey, i think only u see what i wrote on the P/S. i'm getting better la, but still not really well. i think i need to rest a lot to recover.

SMiLE said...


Dragon said...

smile, 哈哈哈,不好意思咯,1000++ 我也觉得蛮多的了。不是么?

LimZhi said... answer doubles leh..
My goodness..u snapped so many photos!! No need to censor lar, jz let us see the real u. heheh..

Congrats chobits!! XD

Dragon said...

limzhi, cannot la..... need to be censored!!! hahaha.

Tau Sar Phneah said...

congrats chobits!!! lucky her...hehe..

Anne said...

T.T sob...lost again...really no fate wif ur present~~ boo....
but still pending ur the other contest oh!!!

Congrats to chobits~~^^

still pending ur photo to shown up~~^^

Piggy said...

Oh...congratulations to Chobits :)...ha ha.....

Sick ar, take care wor. Get well soon ya :)

Kacang Puteh said...

Congratulations to Chobits!!!
Will try my luck again next!!!Hahaa

K3ViN said...

haha... kena tipu by ur post lor... haha tat ok....maybe no my luck 2 get ur prize lor :P

bearlim said...

aiya! too bad!
i guess wrong already~
anyway, congratulation to chobits :)