Friday, December 21, 2007

Last day of my Off day

Actually I have 4 off days this week, but end up I'm covering my colleagues on Wed and Sat, left only 2 which are yesterday and today. Yesterday, went for team building after woke up in the noon. I force myself to wake up actually (Work night on Wedenesday). For more, please read my previous post.

Today, the last off day I have for this week. I'm so lazy and hope I can just stay in the house for the whole day. But, I need to go out to settle some stuff. Then at night, I have dinner with my old friends. Oh man.... My off day will be gone like that. It's been quite some time I never have my full 4 days off. I hope I can have it on the 1st week of Jan, which is 2 weeks from now.

OK la, I really need to move...... So lazy la......


Joze Foo said...

Aiya nvm la... you are kind enough top cover for'll get repay..

David (AKK) said...

haha... yalor... dun worry, still got chance eh mah... :)