Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last day

Today is the 8th day and the last day I'm in Singapore. Time flies. 1 week just passed like that. However, I have met up with my friends and this is the best part for this trip.

I want to thank Hoon for her friendliness and kindness to bring me here and there. Great time for me to sit in a car and round Singapore. I'm so paiseh for disturbing her. Thanks for the food especially Earthquake! :) Hoon, a million million thanks to you!!!

Ang Ku, you are the next. Haha. Thank you for taking me to have all the nice food especially the Taiwan food. Very hor chiak. Thanks for the DVD too!

Not forget about Kuan Kong. You are funny, nice and cute person. I have a nice time with you and Ang Ku during the karaoke. You are damn FUNNY!

BT and Gary, thanks for the food, time to accompany me walk here and there and chit chat.

I'm starting to sound like receiving an award and giving the speech on stage. WAKAKAKA.


* For more food and story on Singapore Trip, please visit BLOG it with ALLEN.


Constance Chan said...

You are welcome, Dragon. Not disturbing lah, don't worry. Glad you had a great time in Singapore.
You are very amusing ler, entertaining person. Blur abit too. hahaha Lea is missing you already...did you know that?

Dragon said...

hahaha, missing me ka? next time use webcam la... then can see me lo... wakakakaka.

David (AKK) said...

haha... no mention lar Dragon, Glad you enjoy the foods... haha... your weight might be put up a bit during your stay in SG... hehe :)

Take care & have a nice and pleasant journey :)

Dragon said...

i don't think so la ang ku.... i walked so much everyday. what i ate already no more liao lo... hahahaha.

K3ViN said...

haha u really enjoy the trip..... Will have jet-lag when u come back 2 penang? :P haha..... Wish u have save trip 2 penang......

Dragon said...

jet lag? tau tau, u blur blur ar? s'pore is the same time zone as m'sia, where can get jet lag? u really blur blur king.

David (AKK) said...

taugeh... not jet-lag, is bus-lag actually... hehe ;)

K3ViN said...

haha i really bulr lioa :P