Thursday, December 20, 2007

Audio Visual Experience

I think of buying a sound system long time ago. Every time I see the audio system displaying in the eletronic shop, I hope I can get them home one day. But, I'm not able to get any since I don't have my own house.

Although I don't have a sound system for my TV, but I have a 5.1 speakers for my home PC. My cousin helped me to buy it during the warehouse sales in Singapore. It's a refurbish item. The price is low if compare to the market. I'm so happy I can own that.

With the 5.1 sound system, I can watch my movie and experience the sound effect through the spekers, especially those action movies. You can feel it like you are actually in the movie, the sound is coming from all directions. I just like the feeling.

It's not difficult to setup the sound system. What you need to do is plug in the cable correctly, front to front, rear to rear and center to center. However, for those who are having difficulties on the audio visual installations, you can actually get help from the company which provided this kind of service. Reflex Limited is your one stop for audio installation.

Reflex Limited offer a competitive pricing package on the installation. They can guide you on the correct product you need based on your requirement. They also commit to follow the 10 standards in order to provide a good service to the customers. The 10 standards are complete solutions, informed advice, best value, on-going technical support, system compatibility, scalability, clear scope of work, appropriate documentation, expert technical staff and training support.

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Constance Chan said...

I'm terrible with cables and wires. Geram nia. Next time ask you to help me liao..hahaha