Monday, December 24, 2007

Help Us Help Others

People use to complain over many things in their life. They like to say "Why I don't have enough money?", "Why my life is so miserable?", why this and why that. However, have they actually thought that they are in a condition that much better if compare to others? There are so many people in this world live in poverty, they don't have a good shelter, they don't have enough food, some of them even need to deal with all kind of sickness, and yet you still complain so much?

In order to help them out, there are many ways we can do. The simplest way is the donation. Boat Angel and Car Angel are two of the online donation site which have done a great job. Boat Angel has the program call Charity Boat Donations. You can do a boat donation by submitting online. Those Boat Donations received by Boat Angel will then sell it on ebay. All the funds they got have been funded over 2 millions meals, medical operations, prison reform and school material. Boat Angel is also distributing the Free DVDs to all the libraries and preschools. In order to know what kind of dvds they have, you can visit the Car Angel website.

One thing that I need to mention here, there will be a new documentary film named DOPE is available to schools, civic groups and churches. This movie is mainly on anti-drug and covers the rise, fall and redemption of several of skate-boarding's most influential players: Bruce Logan, Skate Legend Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi and 1977 World Champion Dennis Martinez (Copied from Car Angel website). Here is the trailer for this film.

Help Us Help Others!

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