Saturday, December 22, 2007


I still have some stuff that I want to get for my new house. Dryer is one of them. Yaya, I know you will say why need to get a dryer? Sun is there all the time in Malaysia and you want to waste money on a dryer? I know I know, but I still want to get it. It will make my life easier (Lazy people like me will say like that. Hahaha.).

Electrolux will be my choice since I'm not sure which brand is better.

Nice or not?


Sue said...

Wah u so hoe giak ah???

Dragon said...

not really la.... but i'm lazy... it can make my life easier mar... like what i said.

Kikey said...

yah, it will make easy after you do laundry, cos we dun need to hang those clothes after wash!

I might wanna get one when i go back Malaysia, I already use to it already! hehe.. (^.^)

Dragon said...

YES! I want to get it becoz I used it when I'm in US and Canada. No need to hang the clothes is the main reason!