Friday, December 28, 2007

Search Engine

Search engine, I'm sure you are already very familiar with it. There are many of the search engines from the World Wide Web. The most popular are Google, Yahoo and Msn. No matter which one u use, you are doing the same thing, search for information you need.

Now, there is another Search Engine that you can search your info from, it's called provides the same service like what Google and yahoo do. Besides the search, there is one feature that makes a unique search engine, the new CV rating System.

What is a CV rating system?
CV stands for Color Value. Online user can comment and vote for their favorite site. You can see the color bar from the toolbar itself. Oh yes, like others, also has its own toolbar. CV rating is embedded on it. It is more democratic than other search engine since the rating is based on users and not by the company or system.

If you never heard of this search engine, go to try and experience NOW. You have nothing to lose.

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