Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Social Spark

Last month, I received an email from IZEA. The email is inviting me to join the Social Spark Beta. If you are an IZEA memeber, I think you will receive the same email as I do. At first, I didn't go and register.

Few days later, I chat with my friend in MSN and I ask her about this Social Spark thingy. She said she also got the email and she has registered with them. Since she registered, I also login to the site, registered and create my own profile.

From what I can see, Social Spark is a community for you to make friends and of course, writing the review like what you are doing for PPP. You can add your blog to your profile. Before your blog is approved, you need to copy the code and paste into the body of your blog. After approved, you can start to grab the job which is available.

However, the job is not assign to you straight away. You will be in the wait list. Once it reached your turn, you will receive an email on the job detail. Until now, I never receive any from them although I have wait listed for a few. I'm waiting and waiting.

Just curious, will SocialSpark replace the PPP? Do you hear anything about this? For me, I have no idea. Maybe just wait and see. If it is the replacement, for sure you will get a notification from them. But, I hope it's not. :)

This Post Brought to you by Social Spark.


迷迭香 said...

hopefully this is not a con job XD

Chobits said...

Erm..I am not quite understand, it's like job street? What is PPP?

Ping Ping said...

eh, paste mana?i tak copy apa apa code pun. =P or i did and forgot. aiya, susah want earn from social spark. i find the website not user friendly pun

Dragon said...

迷迭香, it's not, don't worry. not like beverly secret one. hahaha.

chobits, no, not jobstreet. is about writing review on your blog. PPP is Pay Per Post.

ping ping, i also have the same thinking. need to wait and wait. i wait until rambut pun putih liao also not yet get any email. PPP better. hahaha.