Monday, May 26, 2008


During the renovation and decorating for a new house, windows will be part of them. For those who never involve in the house renovation, maybe you will say it's only windows, very easy to settle about it. I have that kind of thinking few years back until I got my new house.

It's a headache decision for you to make on the house decorating. You need to decide whether you want to use curtain or blinds. You also need to make sure, the colour for the curtain or blinds must suit the colour for that room. It's not an easy job.

Talk about blinds, I got one website that has information on this. Before that, I don't know there are so many blinds in the market, including Mini Blinds, Vinyl Mini Blinds, Motorized Shades and many more.

For each of the blinds, there will be a description for it. You even can learn on the installation from the How to Install guide. Free samples are available for you if you request for it.


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select blinds that are easy to clean. They collect dust very easily and very quickly.