Saturday, May 24, 2008

Guessing Game List

Thanks everyone for participating in my guessing game. Below is the name list for all the participants.

For 22222
May 23 - anne
May 24 - akira (winner), 迷迭香, sockpeng, 邓秀茵
May 25 - piggy, hoon, chobits
May 26 - jl, sailing, kacang
May 27 - ping ping, joze
May 28 - kikey
May 29 - tsp, 笨天使
May 30 - fishyho
June 1 - dora
June 3 - limzhi
June 5 - siang

For 23456
May 26 - sockpeng
May 27 - sharon
May 28 - choyyin
May 30 - anne
June 1 - piggy
June 2 - kikey, jl
June 3 - ping ping
June 4 - akira
June 5 - limzhi
June 6 - tsp
June 7 - 迷迭香
June 8 - joze, hoon
June 11 - smile
June 14 - 笨天使
June 15 - kacang
June 20 - fishyho, siang, 邓秀茵
June 25 - chobits
June 30 - dora

Those with a red cross on the name are the one who submitted the answer after the due date. Sorry, please come earlier next time, if I have another guessing game. :)

Who will be the winner for this round? It seems like Akira will get another gift from me again since 99% 22222 will fall on 24 May. For 23456, will it be Akira for the third time? I have no idea. Let's wait and see.


Akira 思胜 said...

hahahaha, as follow my calculation is correct, 24 May is the date to hit 22222th... hahaha...

Let's see how whether I can get 23456th correct on 4 June or not?

hehe ^^

hoon said...

wah me no chance liao...LOL

JL said...

Me no. 22205 so 2day will hit 22222 already, my present fly liao :( so can i get another present from you haha.

Akira 思胜 said...

haha, I won again! happy!

Anne said...

T.T juz a bit woo.......lose le....
== nvm! still got chance!!

Headmaster~~~ said...

Too bad... I miss it again... T_T...
But your blog is becoming more and more like a game show blog already...
Next time if you're giving out iPod in your blog must let me know yah... ^^...

百勤 said...

Y did this to me? I MISS AGAIN! so sad!!!!!!

Dragon said...

akira, yes la yes la, it's u la.... see whether u can get the 23456 again or not.

hoon, still got chance la... for 23456.

jl, another present? ask our big boss la. haha.

Dragon said...

akira, happy mar good lo. haha.

anne, ya, still got chance for 23456.

headmaster, ipod? too expensive la... unless my blog let me earn more than 1K USD per month la.

百勤, that's why u must come visit my blog more often la. no need to be sad about. try next time la.

Kacang Puteh said...

Aiya!I`m too late liaolah on guessing the 222222 Hm...nvmlah i wait for the 23456

K3ViN said...

i also miss the chance... hope i can get it next time :P

Dragon said...

kacang, u still have the chance on the 23456.

k3vin, next time come more often lo.

Sai Ling said...

huh?lose jor =.=
so surprise ur blog visitor will increase so many in few days time..haha..

Dragon said...

sai ling, out of my expectation also. hehehe.