Friday, August 31, 2007

National Day

Last day of August, it's the National day for Malaysia. She's already 50 years old.

On this day itself, my company has a celebration, 35th annivesary, held in the car park. There are a lot of booth for foods.... hehe :) Besides, they also have a stage in the middle for the idol contest, fashion show, multiply dance and so on.... Oh, Vince is here also. Who is Vince? He is one of the contestant for the Astro Talented Quest same year with Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang. He's also the winner in the Akademi Fantasia.

I eat a lot today. :) Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera (AGAIN!!!), if not can show you all the environment for the celebration. Hopefully the comittee will share those photos later and I can grab some to post it here.. :D

Bye bye August and Happy Birthday to Malaysia!


mei yi said...

did thien won the idol contest?

dragon said...

yes, she won!

Anonymous said...

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