Friday, August 10, 2007


Paycheck, a 2003 movie, John Woo's film. Who is John Woo? I think you guys should know the movie Broken Arrow. If still don't know, then should have known the movie Face Off. He is the director for these 2 movies. If still don't know, then I also don't know how to tell.

I missed this movie and just have the chance to watch it after my friend recomended it to me. It's a nice one though.

To me, this movie is a thriller. The main character used to work with on a secret task. After the task, his memory will be erased, so he will not remember what he has done on the job. Later, he got an assignment that needs 3 years time to accomplish the task. He accepeted it. After 3 years, he cannot remember anything but received an envelope with 20 items inside it. He sent the envelope to himself!!! Why is this so? Why he sent the 20 normal items and not other stuff? What happening in that 3 years? What is his assignment? To answer all these questions, please watch it yourself, I'm not going to post it here. Hehe.

One thing I want to mention, John Woo's film always have the common scene. 2 mens are pointing the gun to each other. Face Off also has this kind of scene, between John Travolta and Nicholas Cage.

If you not yet watch this movie, go grab the DVD and watch it.


mei yi said...

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