Monday, August 20, 2007

Movies, Series and Songs

I watched quite a number of movies recently.

Fracture, starring Anthony Hopkins. Nice one. Story? Go check it yourself, I'm lazy to tell here. Haha.

Zodiac, based on the true story. A bit long and slow. Can watch if you have nothing to do. The pace is really slow.

Eye in the Sky 跟踪, starring Tony Leung 梁家辉 and Simon Yam 任达华. Not bad. I like this kind of movies, cops and thief.

Curse of the Golden Flower 满城尽带黄金甲, from the title, I think you guys already knew who in it. That time when show in the cinema, I plan to watch it, but I didn't. Luckily, I didn't waste my money. I'm not really like it, I prefer Banquet 夜宴.

For series, 24, I just watched until episode 5 season 1. Ya, I know I'm a little bit outdated but....... who cares. This series is exciting.

My brother recommended me 2 English songs: Umbrealla and Beautiful Girls. I seldom listen to English songs but I just like Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. For Umbrealla, ella ella ella stuff...... I'm not really like it. If you haven't listened b4, you can go download, youtube or get it from whatever source you can get. I think you will like it. :)


yam9972 said...

I like UMBRELLA, nice tempo & sexy Music video.

David said...

haha... Song can accept lar... but got MTV got sexy hot chicks oh... haha^^ eh..