Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sony Ericsson K850i Cybershot

I'm in love with Sony Ericsson K850i recently. Previosuly, when I see it, I'm not really like it. But, things change! I also not sure why suddenly I like this phone so much. :)

I read about the review from and The thing that I want the most from this phone is the 5MP camera and the sound quality. This phone is still not out yet. I can't wait it to be here, but I don't think I will get it once it launched. You know, that will be very expensive!

Before my iphone, Sony Ericsson K850i will be the one! :)


David said...

Wow... Brother, U planning to get new mobile ar... Nice ler... I like SE camera funtion, 5mp very "Keng" ler... I recently only use 2.5mp camera phone nia...hehe :)

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

Yeah, handsome phone. come join the club.. am using SE k800i. happy with the camera function as it is.

Dragon said...

yes, planning... but it will be next year... furthermore, this phone not yet out leh... will be in Q4 2007, will join the club by then. hehe.

you used 2.5MP camera phone nia.... like that also said NIA.... i'm just using 1.3MP only... SAMSUNG D500C.

mei yi said...

My camera phone 'no megapixel'.. the blurry version.
And.. my camera is just 3MP!
Sometimes. .i keep asking myself, why do they need cameras up to 7MP? Do they really use it for printing into posters?

Kj Malc said...

Cyber-shot Sony Ericsson K850i is one of the best campera phone nowadays....they improved the Cyber-shot series plus it accommodates both Memory Stick Micro and microSD memory cards for storage and that's the biggest advantage from other.

But let us also consider the Samsung’s Premiere Snapshooter SGH-G800 again it's also one of the best camera phones in the market.

Well for the conclusion, I must own first both so I can able to compare which one is the best camera phone....