Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Finally I finished Heart of Greed few days back. I forgot when already, but one thing for sure, I watched until 2.30am. HAHAHA :)

From the series, family relationship is very important. We need to talk openly to each other in order to have a harmony family. In Chinese, 家和万事兴!

Besides family matters, friendship is also important. The main character "Tak Tak Tei" was such a nice person. Whenever "Siong Zoi Sam" in trouble or not happy, he will always be there to help her out.

These are the 2 most important thing I learnt from Heart of Greed: Family and Friend.

The whole series are nice, touching and excited. You will know what I mean if you watch it.


mei yi said...

i want...... !!!
can i pass u my maxtor?

David said...

I not yet watch the movie you mentioned, but my mum had reserved some HK TVB series for me to watch while going back to hometown next week... yea!

mei yi said...