Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planning for a Web Hosting

All my readers knew I have more than 1 blog. This is no longer a secret anymore. However, some of my other blog's readers don't know that I have a personal blog, which is this blog. This is the only blog that I use the free web hosting from blogspot.

Many friends do ask me, how to start a blog. Most of the time, I will ask them to get a free hosting site like blogspot, wordpress and etc before getting a own domain and hosting. Why? Some people are just want to following others. They are very exciting about blogging since everyone is doing at the moment. However, the passion will not last long. It is a waste for getting the domain and hosting, but never use them.

There are so many web hosting company who provides attractive hosting plan. For me, I am using Hostgator. I like Hostgator because of the 24x7 live chat. No matter I am facing any problem at odd hours, I can just go to the website and launch the live chat. The technical support will help me out.

Beside Hostgator, there are still a lot of web hosting for you to choose from. The advice that I can give to you is, research through the Internet, find the one that suits you the most.

If you need to compare one web hosting to another, try to go to Web Hosting Rating website. From the main site, you can see which web hosting is the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers and Best Web Hosts 2009. It includes the rank, price, space, traffic and the most important, Web Hosting Review. Go through the reviews and see what kind of feedback the users are giving. It will help you to make the decision on which web hosting you need.

Some people will try to get a web hosting with the cheapest price. Although it is cheap, is it worth it? To find out, you can go through the article When Cheap Hosting Goes Wrong from the Web Hosting Rating's article session. There are a lot of useful articles for you to read and gain your knowledge, not only in web hosting.

That is why, I always ask my friends to check out Web Hosting Rating if they are going to get a web hosting. It really provides a lot of useful information to a newbie.


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