Thursday, September 3, 2009


I watched 2 movies for the last 2 weekends, Murderer and The Orphan. If you have not watched these 2 movies, and think of watching it, please don't continue to read on this post. Spoiler inside! If you still want to continue, don't blame me. It is still better for you to go watching without reading any reviews.

Murderer, a long awaited movie starring Aaron Kwok. It was released during July in Hong Kong. It only comes to Malaysia on August 27.

In this movie, Aaron acts as a cop, again. He is investigating on one case, where the murderer using the drill to drill the body of the victim, and let blood to flowing out, until he/she dead. During one of the investigation, Aaron got hit by someone and fainted while one of the cop was badly injured by the murderer. When Aaron awakes, he lost some part of his memory. He totally cannot remember what has happened.

While investigating, all the evidence seems to point back to Aaron. Aaron's best friend also started to suspect him. Is Aaron really the murderer? Or is it someone else? What will happen in the end?

With no doubt, Aaron's acting has become much better, if compare to few years back. In Murderer, his acting was fantastic especially near to the end of the movie. I am sure, Aaron will be nominating for the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. I hope he can get the Best Actor for the Hong Kong Film Awards instead of the Taiwan Golden Horse. Aaron has won the Best Actor for 2 consecutive in the Taiwan Golden Horse but never win in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Next, I will talk about another similar movie, The Orphan.