Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final Destination 4

For 3rd week in a row, I went to watch movie in the cinema on weekends. The best part is, all 3 movies are horror and thriller movie: Murderer, The Orphan and Final Destination 4.

The storyline for Final Destination 4 is the same as the previous 3. One of the guy sees the vision on the crash, losing all their lives in the incident. Later, the accident is really happen and they manage to escape from the death. However, they don't know that death is actually coming after them one by one.

Final Destination 4 is really horror on some of the part. I think it is better than Final Destination 3. However, the first one is still the best.


Anonymous said...

Guess what...even the storyline for thr Final Destination 4 is the same as the previous 3...even i've watched more than 2 times of the previous 3...manachai kena tipu again..WTF..not sure why..after watching the first 10minutes...everything happened so fast and I asked myself..kns..all si ka liao..too fast man..then finally realised that it's the trademark of the Final Destination trilogy..sipeh jia lart..I should know but somehow tiok lau buta buta haha:D. Even the storyline is almost the same but me enjoy watching it..worthy for $$$ if you prefer this type of movie...man it's very entertaining haha. Yaya..I agreed..the first 1 is still the best:P.

Hoe Nam

r4i said...

I remember when the first Final destination came out, it was original and pretty damn cool. Then the second one came out, it was wicked, ten times better and better deaths and even a conclusive ending... then came word of a 3rd final destination...

Anonymous said...

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