Monday, August 31, 2009

Things that I HATE when I am Watching Movie in the Cinema

1. Some brainless people who never turn off the cell phone. Phone rings, they pick up, and start to talk on the phone.

2. People who keep kicking your chair on your back, throughout the movie.

3. Some people like to discuss the storyline with their friends from the beginning until the end of the movie.

4. People who brought along their kids into the cinema and the kids start to make noise and cry during the show.

5. For those people who cannot watch horror movie, please don't go and watch it in the cinema. Just for God sake, buy DVD and watch it at home. At least, you can scream at anytime you want. The worst is, the scene is not scary they also scream non stop!

6. People who like to ask question about the movie. If you don't understand, can you just shut up and ask only the movie is finished?

7. People fall asleep while watching the movie and start snoring.

8. People who come in late and so coincidence, they sit at the same row as you. Disturbing!

9. People who sit at the same row as you, go to toilet for few times during the movie.

10. People who smoking inside the cinema. Last time I encountered this in the old type cinema. Now, no more. Phew.

I think I better stop it here. If not, it will be a long long list. I hope my friends do not fall under any category I mentioned above. LOL.