Friday, September 4, 2009

The Orphan

* Don't read if you want to watch The Orphan in the cinema. Spoiler ahead.

Before watching The Orphan, I am thinking of watching another movie, District 9. After much consideration and asking the opinion from Nic, I went for The Orphan. I made a good choice for watching this movie. It is exciting and horror!

The story is very normal. A married couple lost their 3rd child while the lady is pregnant. After some time, the lady managed to get over the sad news and decided to adopt a new child. Of course, Esther is the one they adopted.

After Esther joined the family, many things start to happen. She is an evil. She started to make everyone thinks that the lady is the one who not taking good care of her. The lady investigated on her past and finally knew the truth. What is the truth? Who is Esther? You will get the answer if you catch this movie in the cinema near you.

I enjoyed the movie very much, however, the couple who sit beside me spoil my mood. They keep on talking and that girl, keep screaming here and there, especially towards the end. Oh man! I hate people who talking non stop during a movie. Irritating.

The Orphan and Murderer have a common point. It is related to the children. In Murderer, Aaron Kwok has a small little boy. Same goes to The Orphan, Esther is the little girl in the family. Both are evil. Opps... I have said something that I am not suppose to say. Haha, I told you earlier, don't read if you want to watch this movie in the cinema. It is your problem now for not listening to me. LOL.

Next, what movie will I watch? I think it will be Final Destination 4. Another horror movie. YEAH!