Saturday, February 14, 2009


TV price has dropped tremendously. Just 1 year back when I got my lcd tv, it costs me almost $3000. Now, if you go to the electronic shop, you can get a 32 inch lcd tvs for just as low as $1999. It is $1000 difference. With the $1000, you can buy other electronics items that you need.

I really enjoy watching DVD or TV programme with my lcd tv. I always dream of having my own tv since years back. At last, I have the chance to own one. I am very glad about it. Besides watching DVD, the most usage of my lcd tv will be playing my Nintendo Wii.

If you want to check or research more on the digital tv, you can just google it. You can get a lot of result out from the search. There will be a price comparison for you to compare too.


jepunlauee said...

price is getting cheap as malaysia will be changing to digital broadcasting from 2012..same lik japan..selling so cheap also not so many people want to buy the analog TV lioa,coz digital will start in 2011...