Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Gathering during CNY

During the 4th day of CNY, we have a small gathering among the PGHK members, or should I call it friend gathering. We have become friends since then. It is a nice gathering with fun and laughter. The only thing is, the food were sux! The buffet came with a very less choice but charge at a high price. Totally not worth it.

Group photo. Can you recognize who is who?

TSP was eating the Butter Cookies I made. :)

Tau Tau and Kim Mo.

Tau Tau and WiwiWawa.

The best shot of the night...... Happy Family!!!

Photos are from TSP. I didn't bring camera on that day.


Kikey Loo said...

u wearing banana.. hehe.. (just joking!) :p

Dragon said...

just the banana color la.... hahaha.

FAD Mom said...

ya banana skin. hehehe

can see my son there oso.. why never take more pics ah.. so few nia.

Dragon said...

i never publish all mar...

Forever28 said...

CNY is the best time for old friends gathering~~

Mei-Wah said...

wah, you meet up with jimmy! :)