Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I Blog?

Wow, this will be the first time I write 2 posts in one day. What's the intention for me to do so? Keep on reading..... then you will know. :p

Everyday, I will try to have some time to go through all my friend's blog. I will check whether they have any updated post on their site. Some of them update once in a bluemoon, some of them updated almost everyday and some of them posted few article in one day!!

Blogging become more and more popular nowadays. People tend to blog here and there. I started to blog since August 2005.... My god, already 2 years!! I started my Chinese blog in blogspot. My brother is the one that inspired me for blogging. Since then, I started to write whenever I have the mood to do so.

Later, I met someone from China online. She's a writer. So coincidence, I read her book and found her blog. She is the one asking me to move my blog to Sina website (it's a China website) since she cannot view my blogspot blog after so many trial. I think it's not bad for me to move there since I'm not really have many people reading my blog in blogspot. Therefore, I moved......

I met a lot a lot of people from Sina. I blog everyday during that period of time. If you interested and want to read my previous post in Chinese, you can go to After few months, the passion went down, the post become less and less.

Recently, another friend of mine start to blog. I gave her my Sina blog but she couldn't understand what I'm writing, haha. Not only her, my others friends are also having the same problem. That is why, I came back to blogspot (I'm lazy to go open another account elsewhere) and started to write in English instead of Chinese.

OK..... Done on the history. Now, I can go to the main topic. :)

Why I BLOG?? First, I thought with the blog, I can let my siblings who are in outstation know my current situation. However, I think only my brother is the one that will come and visit my blog some time.

Today, I found another reason for me to blog, which is.... EARN MONEY! Maybe you will say I'm carzy. Blogging also can earn money? You sure or not? Crazy ar you!! But just want to tell you, It's the truth.

I found out Advertlets from one of my friend's blog Nickchan. He can be consider my junior, but he knows a lot of IT stuff. He updated his blog everyday. I like to go to his blog and read what he wrote. Previously he has his own podcast as well, really a talented young boy. (NIC, I'm promoting you leh, you need to treat me when you get the money....... hehehe.....)

From Nic's introduction, I go to Advertlets website and read more about it. Since I lose nothing, so I just sign up and start to wait for my first paycheck. WAKAKAKA, just first day I joined and I already started dreaming.

They have given out money for a contest recently to Malaysian. Now, they have another one for the Singaporean. For you guys out there, you can go to the website and have a look. If you are a frequent blogger, you should have this on your website!!!

If I got the cheque, the first thing I'm going to do is photocopy and keep it as souvenir! The first cheque from my blog you know? Sure must keep it in good shape. Then, only go to bank in. :) I'm going to treat myself a good meal... Hmmmmmmm, what to eat? Oh man, I'm hungry now. Help~~~~

Now, what I'm thinking is, I need to let the whole world know about my blog. Consequently, the money will come faster to me. Dreaming again... HAHAHA. :)

“ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”


KOKahKOK said...

cool man we r from same MOTIVATOR....! by the way you are?

Sue said...

Wah...get $$$ don't forget me ah..haha

taugeh/kevin said...

wah no wonder soooo ku lat blog lah haha :P

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

ya ya. don't forget to 'share' hehehe

Dragon said...

ask u to do the same thing u dont want.... don't want to share with u... only share with laksa... hahaha :p

mei yi said...

maybe i should add some ads in my blog...

Anonymous said...

hm. bookmarked style :)