Friday, September 14, 2007

Invisible Target 男儿本色

I've been watching movies these few days since I have nothing to do after work. Last night, I chose Invisible Target. I want to watch this movie few days back but the sound effect of this movie is good, I cannot watch it late since I need to have a louder sound, so, last night is the best night for me to watch it. :)

I like this kind of movie very much, police and thief. The movie in this category always has gun shot and explode scene. In Invisible Target, you can see a lot of explosion, the first few minutes of the movie already has one. The story is so so, but the action is good. However, if you compare to other action movie, it's not the best. The director of this movie is Benny Chan. He is a well-known director for action movie like New Police Story, Divergence, Rob-B-Hood and the latest one, Invisible Target.

This movie starring all the male star, including Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee chan. I'm not really like Jacky chan's son Jaycee, but he really looks like Jacky..... They are so identical.

If you want to get more info on this movie, you can go to the official website:


Sue said...

Wah I don't get to watch..*sob*

Jedi said...

You're a happy movie-watcher!