Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mooncake....oh.... Mooncake.....

Today is the Mooncake Festival. This year, I didn't buy any Mooncake. All I have are given by someone else. I went to my friend's house in Klang on Saturday and I managed to have some. The Mooncake now are very fancy, have so many types and tastes. The one I have are Tiramisu and ....... oh my.... I forgot the name... hahaha :) never mind, I have taken the photos, very close up.

Besides Mooncake, the packaging of the Mooncake is also very nice.

My firend also brought us to Jusco and I managed to take those Mooncake stalls that are selling Mooncake. Hehe.

Wishing you all a ~~~~~~~~~~Happy Mooncake Festival~~~~~~~~~~


Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

wow! i like their packaging leh. i am a 'karung guni' gal, tat means collecting boxes one.

next time i give u the contents i keep the box, ok..lol

Sue said...

Wah chia lat..sia lang..kao sai..muahahaha

pavilion fan said...

woit.. did u go to pavilion??
jeles man!!!

Kacang Puteh said...

lao nur liao lah!!!so yummy!!!