Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Short Trip to Klang

I went to Klang on Saturday, friend's house warming. I went with 4 of my friends. On Saturday early morning, around 5am, Tau Tau gave me a morning call. Hehe, actually, I have waken up by my alarm, I'm really scared I cannot wake up since I need to be the driver to fetch my friends.

We reached butterworth around 7am. Penang Bridge is so smooth, no jam at all. We went to another friend's house and change car. YES, change to Honda City rather than drive my Iswara.

The first stop will be Ipoh. I think you guys can know why we want to go there. You are right, we went to eat dim sum. :) After dim sum, we also bought the Dao Hua and Dao Cui since my friend said it's famous. After that, we drive straight to Klang.

We reached KL around 12-1pm. My friend is having the japanese exam from 2-4pm, so we need to go walk walk first. We went to IKEA. Later, we have lunch at The Curve's Hometown.

Around 5pm, we continued our journey. The destination will be my friend's house. His house was nice, great renovation. Dinner starts at 7-8pm. I ate quite a lot. Then I remembered something, to call Tau Tau. Hehe. I heard from Hoon that Tau Tau cancelled all his stuff on that day just to wait for my call. Luckily I called, if not, I will feel bad. Tau Tau said he can come to my friend's place in 20 minutes.

Before Tau Tau came, I fall asleep. I'm too tired, I'm the one that drive for the whole day (My friend only drove for 30 minutes and said she doesn't want to drive anymore, so I have no choice but have to drive :( Sien nia) I slept for I think not more than 10 minutes, then Tau Tau called and said he arrived. WOW, so fast!!

I called Wantan and Kim Mo. Kim Mo scolded me for not calling her. HAHAHA. Anyway, I managed to meet her too. Thanks to Tau Tau. He really needs to drive so far just to go Kim Mo's place, then fetch me back again. Thank you thank you.

This time, I remembered to bring my camera and we took some photos. Hehe, I'm not everytime blur blur and lor mor one. Sometimes, smart also. WAKAKAKA.

Maybe you will ask, why no dim sum and the Hometown's food photos? I didn't take any since we were too hungry, haha, we finished everything and forgot abt the photos. :þ


Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

wah it must be a wonderful trip, you get to meet yr buddies fr PGHK leh..

me, i think i have to wait long long time..hahaha

looking at the pics, i think everyone looked very happy :)

Sue said...

wah so happy..look at the love birds..haha..

Joze Foo said...

uik~~ uik~~ Taugeh and kimmo so happy to take pic together~~~

凯纹与朋友的部落阁 Keven & friends de blogs said...

why dont call me...
ha...maybe i was busy that time...
next time must remember to call me ok...wakaka...

Kacang Puteh said...

WOW!So nice,i hope to join you all 1 day lah!!!