Friday, December 19, 2008

Team Building

I just back from my department team building in Genting 2 days back. It was a fun trip and I think everyone is enjoying. This is the very first time I have the chance to go out of Penang to have a team building with all my team members. It is hard for us to have this kind of activities since we are in a support environment.

After this team building, we planned to go to somewhere else for the coming week. Factories are shutting down. This is the reason why we can go outing again together. I am really looking forward to the outing we are going to have in almost 10 days time!


sock peng said...

enjoy ur 10day holiday

Dragon said...

sock peng, not 10 days holiday la.... it's in 10 days time, i will go outing. hahaha. one day nia.