Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cannot think of where to go

It's hard for me to think of where to go. All the places almost the same. The worst thing is, I will get sweat and become sticky just when I step out of the door. Oh My.... The weather here was so unpredictable. Like yesterday, it rained so heavily in the afternoon. Luckily, that time I have come back from the mall.

I was so lazy to go out. some people will think, since you are here, you should go out whole day. But, I am different. Sometimes, I rather to stay at home. Then, some other people will comment, then you better stay in Penang and not coming over. Stay in Penang's house is the same. Haha, you are right too. Maybe I have come here too often until I make it as my relaxation place.

Need to go back soon and I still haven't got the thing I want! :(


AhhJohn said...

haha~ then just go out and get urself wet in the rainy dayZ~ haha~

Mei-Wah said...

can't get the thing you want? nvm nvm... most importantly is that you get something for me! :)

Kikey Loo said...

as long as u happy,
dun care wat other ppl think...

ppl hav diff way in LIFE~ :)

sock peng said...

agreed with Kikey
each ppl hv own mind :P