Saturday, December 13, 2008

Into Business

Just after graduating from University and starting to work, I always think of having own business. I knew that working under someone will not let me earn much. The salary is fix. I need to wait for my year end performance review, only can know whether I can get an increment or not. If I am not hardworking enough, the increment will be less or maybe none! Like this year, the economy starts to going down, many of the companies have announced that, there will be no increment and bonus for their employees. Furthermore, by year end, those companies will shutdown for more than 10 days. All the employees will be forced to take annual leaves during these shutdown period. I still never get any news on the increment but there are rumors saying that our company will be the same as others.

Since working for others are not secure, why not I work for myself. I think it will be a good idea. For someone, they will think that doing a business is very risky. They prefer to work for others and every month get the salary. One of my friend quit his job and start to do his own business. He is now the co-owner for a restaurant. Although the new business needs more time to take care, it is still better if compare to work under other company. He told me he wants to open a restaurant in my hometown after 2-3 years time. He needs some modal and experience before he can start a new one.

To start a business nowadays is not so difficult if compare to last time. You can easily get the business loans from many banks without any major requirements. If you really think of owning a business, it is better to make a move, rather than sit there and think non stop, without taking any action.