Saturday, December 20, 2008


Kitchen is the most important place for my mum. She cooks everyday and she spends most of the time in the kitchen. That is why, when I bought the new house and doing the renovation, most of the kitchen stuffs need to get her approval. I let her to decide what she wants and what she needs. In that case, she will not bug me in the future, since it is her choice. :)

I seldom use the kitchen. Most of the time, I will only go to the kitchen to get water, food and cook instant noodle. Yes, I am good at cooking instant noodle. Besides, I am also good at fried rice.

New Year is coming soon and I still left one kitchen appliances that I need, The Stand Mixer. I need it for baking the butter cookies. With the mixer, I can try on baking cakes as well.


Jas said...


Wishing you 冬至, Christmas & New Year 快乐!