Tuesday, December 23, 2008

People Nowadays

People nowadays are rude! They are not having a basic manner, which is saying thank you. The story goes like this......

Before I went into the lift, I always go to my mail box to have a look. To my surprise, there is a bunch of keys inserted into one of the mailbox. Due to too kind, I took the key and think of passing them back to the owner. I scared later others took it.

I went to that floor and rang the door bell. Someone came out and I passed the keys to him. I told him they keys were left in the mail box. The guy just make an "oh" voice, took it, and close the door!

Is it so hard to say thank you? This is the very basic manner. Furthermore, I helped to return a whole bunch of keys! No idea why people nowadays are like that. Do you have any idea?


Kikey Loo said...

at least you being a kind person...
dun always expect have return...

Dragon said...

not expecting have return! saying thank you is not a return! thank you is only a very simple and basic manner like what i said.

expecting return is like u want something else like giving u money or treating u a meal, that is called return.

is different.

sock peng said...


Little Inbox said...

Looks like he doesn't want to talk more, and he prefers isolation life. If not, he wouldn't shut his door just like that.

While most of the factory ppl are enjoying their factory year end shutdown, I'm the exception. Hehe, but I'm one my annual leave today. :)

AhhJohn said...


New Kid on the Blog said...

there are many such people out there... they do not have basic manner, the admin that I managed is having such attitude.

the admin made the mistake and could tell you that didn't and it's system's mistake.

can anyone in the world tells me would a system made mistake?? the admin just walked out without looking into my eyes and keep saying it's system's mistake.