Saturday, November 22, 2008

Windows Processes Error

Back to the time when computer runs on 286 processor and Windows 3.1, I was still very small. That time, the computer was expensive but my aunt owns one. However, I cannot use it as I wish since it's not mine. My aunt scared I will break her computer.

After many years, when I have my own PC, it was run on Windows 98. The frequent error that we encountered was the blue screen and hangs the PC. Nothing can be done except restarting the PC. After Windows 98, there are 2 versions of Windows: Windows ME and Windows 2000. Windows ME was not stable and always encountered Windows processes error. Windows 2000 was more stable if compare to Windows ME.

Windows XP is a more stable version of Windows and commonly used until now. Although Windows Vista is available, most of the companies still stick to Windows XP since Windows Vista is not compatible with some of the software.

If you are a dell PC user, maybe you will notice that there is an extra process in the Windows task manager: quickset.exe. Quickset.exe is the one and only process that will only appear in a Dell's PC. From Application Error's blog, it explains what quickset.exe is and what its main feature is. You can also get the info if you encounter the dell quickset.exe error.

Don't forget to refer to Application Error's blog if you are facing windows processes error that you have no idea on fixing it.