Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karen Mok - If Without You 如果没有你

Last week on One Million Star, Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 and Wu De Hong 吴德宏 duet Karen Mok's song, title If Without You 如果没有你. They sang very good and got the highest mark of 24/25.

After the show, I went to search for the original song from Karen Mok. Very nice song and meaningful lyrics. I fall in love with it.

To my surprise, when I search through Youtube, I found out Zeng Pei Ci 曾沛慈 also sang this song before in the One Million Star. I cannot remember I watched that. Oh my.... My Zeng Pei Ci sang very well also!! :)

For those who are not yet guess on the price for the economy rice, you still have few hours to do so. :)


Kikey Loo said...

yah, it is a NICE song...