Saturday, November 22, 2008

PC Error

When I first have a computer back to the year 1998, I was not good at that. I have no idea on how to uninstall a program. I will just go to the destination folder and click on delete. This is why it caused my PC always corrupted and need to reformat. Yes, I am good at formatting. Anything unusual happened to the PC and I was not able to solve it, I will just format it. Easy right? But trust me, formatting a hard disk is a very tedious job.

Later, when I have more knowledge on the PC, I know where to search for a solution: Internet! Internet is the largest knowledge base for us to search and get the solution for any of the PC error. Not only me, I think most of the PC users will get frustrated when the PC is giving you an unknown error such as error 632 that you totally have no idea at all. The only thing you can do is to get the solution online.

Uniblue PC Library is one of the PC solution resources to help you on all kind of PC error messages you encountered. By searching through the port detail by numbers or errors by error code range, you can get the solution to your issue easily.