Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Yoga for Muslims

As what mentioned from the title, all Muslims cannot perform or learn the Yoga starting from now on. From the news I read, the council made this decision because they afraid the Muslims will betray their religion and go for others.

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I am wondering, if a person is not loyal to his religion anymore, he or she will go for others no matter what they do. Furthermore, from what I've known, Muslims are not allowed to go for other religion once they are in, right? So, what is so big deal about Yoga?

I am not really understand. Why they always have so many rules?

* Above is only my personal view. No offend and please don't take it seriously!


AhhJohn said...

i read this news oso. to me, it's non-sense. i wonder y the Muslim supporting the stupid laws against Yoga. One word, Xiao! the law makers are Xiao!

Joze Foo said...

because hio Yoga is hindu one ma...

Mei-Wah said...

this is totally ridiculous!