Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Winner

No winner for the last guessing game. No one guess it correctly! =.=

The economy rice only costs me RM 2.60. There are people guessing RM 2.50 and RM 2.70 but none of you guess RM 2.60. Too bad. Never mind, I will have another one real soon. :)

Just some update, I have been busy recently and sick for the whole last week. Now, I am back to normal. Night shift was so tiring! Last time it was OK for me. But now, I think because of getting old, I cannot stand it anymore.


Sue said...

Wah lau..no winner..no lucky draw ah

sock peng said...

aiya !!

sick ?? take care

Kikey Loo said...

u only 28 nia mah, not old lah!! :D

JOHNHOON said...

can we make frenz???

Somewhere in Singapore said...

take care...