Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shop Shop Shop

I bought quite a number of books recently. Some of them are bought from the book store and some are bought from online store. I can get the books I want online. That is why I prefer to shop online rather than go to the book store and search for the books. Sometimes, the book store assistance doesn't know about the books we mention.

There are so many items we can get it online, not only books. Some people who like sports can get all the sports item online too. UEFA EURO 2008 starts recently and for sure, the soccer fans will grab the merchandise especially the ball.

Do you have anything want to buy but cannot get it in the store? Try to search it from ShopWiki, the one and only ultimate shopping search engine.


allen said...

Hi.. i have linked u for The Best Blogger Award in my url. Hope u link me back... cheers!!!

Chobits said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, what books you normally buy online?

Dragon said...

chobits, not sure one wor.... see nice one mar buy lo. hehe.